“Creating a faster, better learning environment for organizations to become more adaptive to change, innovative and future-ready”

The advent of Digital transformation is exponentially changing business management process than anticipated. And, change, as we know, drastically impacts both technological and cultural dimensions. To survive amid this kind of ambiguous and volatile business environment, organizations need to adapt to newer and effective business process that can help smooth transition to new methods, increase revenue, and can be implemented quickly and at scale.

This is where Business and Enterprise Agility Conference (BEACON) provides a stepping stone to organizations thriving to become more Agile and supple. It is a community-driven organization that consists of pioneers, experts, and trusted advisors, that consult and guide organizations in their transformation journey by adopting the newer and effective methods of working, called Agile.

BUSINESS & ENTERPRISE AGILITY CONFERENCE (BEACON) offers practitioners worldwide the opportunity to come together to share mutual passion and knowledge about business and enterprise agility. The intend is to empower organizations to transform their thinking, work and communication processes throughout the organization so they can launch, learn, and re-launch new initiatives, swiftly reacting to changing market conditions and customer needs.  

What makes BEACON so unique?

As BEACON 2018 – Business and Enterprise Agility Conference – An International Congress of Business and Enterprise Agility Practitioners, would be our largest congress under ISEC umbrella, so there would be unending opportunities.

  • Unite with the union of the indigenous and international business agility community together in a friendly, educational, and entertaining environment.
  • Increase the density of connections among the one of a kind community
  • Exchange, explore and collaborate knowledge ideas with all the experienced professionals

Stay-tuned to know more about our upcoming conferences and events.