The advent of Digital transformation is exponentially changing business management process than anticipated. And, change, as we know, drastically impacts both technological and cultural dimensions. To survive amid this kind of ambiguous and volatile business environment, organizations need to adapt to newer and effective business process that can help smooth transition to new methods, increase revenue, and can be implemented quickly and at scale Read More..

Learning Take Aways

Discussion Themes For Brainstorming

Agile in Governance (Contracting)
Government organizations are increasingly looking to use Agile to meet diverse consumer needs. This track will include discussions, stories, demonstrations and crystalizing essential insights on Agile adoption in Governance, in an easy-to-absorb format. Through discussions, research, forums, networking and immersive workshops, we are aiming to provide public officials with fresh insights to facilitate deep-dive understanding of Agile transformation and its need in today’s Digital Economy.
Agile in Education
Organizations in IT and Non-IT sectors have been adopting Agile methodologies and processes to upgrade their current organizational structure and develop a new corporate culture, for more productivity and survival amid changing business environment of today. But, we have not thought to transfer the ideas to an arguably more critical application: Education. “Education of the Future” is what we expect to cover in this track.
Agile in Architecture & Design
“Agile Architecture as a Paradigm Shift” Traditional Architecture and design focuses on rules, standards and guidelines, and less on providing space for solutions. Mostly they are not tolerant to ambiguity due to which “Embracing Change” has become impossible in today’s world. This track will include insights on how Agile promotes smooth software development by enabling architectural support that is adaptive and not emergent.


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